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We are glad to confirm 20+ international speakers from various B2B professional service industries and B2B technology and equipment firms. More...

10th B2B Marketing Series Event - 2nd B2B DemandGen Summit 2014

May 22-23, 2014
Beijing, China


Programs of ConsignIndex are featured by solution discovering, expertise sharing and professional social network expanding.

We are glad to issue the new 2014 project named B2B DemandGen Summit 2014. In our 10th B2B marketing series event, we will present you with a roadmap of DemandGen 2014 in terms of Demand Shape, Demand Process, and Demand sustain. DemandGen is a perpetual loop, and cannot be carelessly defined as a series of campaigns. It is the lifecycle management of leads to generate more revenue and pin down the "sales whales. You can join us this year to learn more.

- From LeadsGen to DemandGen
- New Landscape in B2B DemandGen
- Understand the demand process
- How to shape the demand of clients
- How to flow leads from top to bottom line
- Marketing Automation Efforts
- Effective leads nurturing programs
- Win demand from big data
- Who is in most control of demand
- Sales & Marketing Alignment
- Account-based marketing: Personalize your content to close the loop
- ……

B2B Marketers in charge of or responsible for:

- B2B Content Marketing
- B2B Social Media Marketing
- B2B EDM/Direct Marketing
- B2B Email Marketing
- B2B Event Marketing
- B2B Digital Marketing
- B2B Online Marketing
- B2B Product/Service Marketing
- B2B Technology Marketing
- B2B Marketing Communication
- B2B Demand Generation
- B2B Brand Engagement
- …

What B2B Firms Categories we focus:

(1) Industrial product and raw material:
- Building Materials
- Construction
- Chemical
- Mining & Energy
- Oil & Gas
- Water Management
- Heavy Machinery
- Any Others
(2) Technology and Equipment
- Semiconductor
- Electronic
- Information Technology
- Telecom
- Security
- Auto & Spare Parts
- High-Technology
- Any Others
(3) Professional Service:
- Management Consulting
- Industrial Advisory
- Outsourcing
- Any Others

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Main Topics

- B2B DemandGen New Benchmark & Dynamics Review 2013 - 2014
- Use Content to Generate Demand: How to support buying decision process
- Turning Buyer's Insight into Buyer's Foresight – Why Buyer Predictability is the Key Trend in B2B
- Marketing is the New Sales!Be Modern Marketers
- Master 3 Blocks in B2B DemandGen: Shape, Process, Sustain
- Demand Shape: Align your product/ service with client's potential needs
- Go-to-Market Strategy: Identify market demand with purchasing power on your products through channels
- Demand Process for Engagement: Hook targeted buyers via both inbound and outbound channels
- From Leads Gen to Demand Gen: How to engage your leads to drive demand
- Engage target influencers and decision makers: Look, listen and learn
- Demand Process Transformation: From Engagement to Leads Nurturing
- Leads Nurturing: Join in the buyer's journey
- Get started to construct Leads Lifecycle Management System by using marketing automation
- Manage DemandGen via effective data management
- Does CRM fit Leads Nurturing Campaign?
- Convert demands into sales opportunity
- Sales & Marketing Alignment to generate more revenue
- Demand Process Measurement: What you really offer to sales?
- Demand Sustain: Embrace your most loyal and valuable existing customers
- Account-Based Marketing: Enhance your accounts loyalty to generate more demands

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